Being fat is more than a real health risk.It is a major risk for life enjoyment, fun and sex.In addition to being a major risk for heart disease,diabetes and hypertension (to name just a few) obesity is now linked with sexual dysfunction in men.Women seem to be spared this horror but both obese men and women also reported a decreased interest and a decreased drive for sex.This study just came out and was reported in the British Medical Journal June 16, 2010.

Paradoxically however, despite being less interested in sex and having less sex,obese women suffer more sexual complications such as more unplanned pregnancies.They have a startling 4x the number of unplanned pregnancies as normal weight women.But obese men aren’t spared.They are more at risk for getting sexually transmitted diseases and like I just said, have more erectile dysfunction than their single counterparts.

These are alarming statistics considering the wealthy nations where obesity is becoming endemic.

So, in summary guys, being overweight means that you can’t get it up nearly as easily or consistently as your thin drinking buddies. And ladies you aren’t without significant risk as well.

What I hope you take home with you is this great fun fact: For every 10 pounds a man gains his penis shrinks about an inch in size.That’s because men put on belly fat and the expansion of their suprapubic fat pad makes their penis look that much smaller.
No wonder obesity is linked to increased risk of depression.

My favorite saying was published in Men’s Health years ago when they were talking about sex drive and weight loss. The summary of the article was this:  If you lose 10 pounds you may not get more sex but we can guarantee you won’t get less.  Guys, if you want that spark back in your marriage giving your woman a body that turns her on will light her fire.

Live Well,
Ruth Anderson, MD MS

If you want more information on this study click on:


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