Exercise. The Best Treatment for Hypertension

Exercise is the best treatment for hypertension. It has none of the side effects of medication and the correct exercise program is as effective as most anti-hypertensive drugs.   I really want you to appreciate what a health problem hypertension is in our society. About a third of Americans have been diagnosed with high blood pressure; yet only half of them are adequately treated.  Despite all our medical advances hypertension is killing us.  And it’s costing us a fortune.  In 2010 alone the cost of high blood pressure will run this country about $76.6 billion.  No wonder our health care budget is in the crapper. To say it is a major public health problem is a gross understatement.

Exercise is key in preventing and treating high blood pressure.

  • Exercise will prevent hypertension in 50% of us.  And that is really significant because once you reach age 55, the chance of you getting high blood pressure is a sky-rocketing 90%.  So if you’re lucky enough to live to age 55, you are pretty much guaranteed that you will be taking blood pressure medication.  Unless you GET MOVING!
  • If you have hypertension, exercise alone will decrease your blood pressure.
  • Exercise lowers blood pressure 2 ways
  • There is an immediate decrease that happens after every exercise session. So daily aerobic (cardio) exercise can prevent the normal and dangerous rise in blood pressure that occurs during daily activity in hypertensives.
  • There are also significant long term benefits from regular exercise, especially when that exercise is coupled with weight loss.

You see, you can only win when you take control of your life and your health.  You have more power than any pill or treatment I could prescribe.

My mission is to decrease the cost of health care in this country – one healthy body at a time.  Shouldn’t you be the first volunteer?


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