Exercise For Health, Exercise For Wellness

Exercise is the Best Medicine.  That is the new slogan of the American College of Sports Medicine. And they should know.  They are the ones who set the standards for your fitness trainers and the world of exercise science.

I am not stealing their phrase but I am telling you that they are absolutely right.  As a physician who treats patients every day, I know that exercise is their answer. Your doctor will tell you the same thing.  For many diseases exercise works as well as  medications, but without the side effects.

  • Exercise for health because it is the only intervention known to lower your risk of dying.  That means anyone who exercises on a regular basis is less likely to die.  Period.
  • Exercise for wellness because the right exercise program prevents the development of hypertension in over 50% of people.
  • Exercise for health because it is the only intervention (coupled with weight loss) that can cure diabetes
  • Exercise for wellness because it can prevent osteoporosis (brittle bone disease). And no drug can do that.
  • Exercise for health because this is the only life you have (for now) and you are in control of how well you live and how well you die.

GET MOVING! Live Better, Live Longer gives you an easy to follow guide on how to use exercise to prevent or treat the 6 major diseases of our society.  They include heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, chronic low back pain, osteoporosis and arthritis.

I have combined my medical training (double boarded in anesthesiology and pain management)  and masters in exercise physiology with 30 years of teaching exercise and dance to give you this step by step guide to get you started on the right program for you.

My mission is to lower the health care budget – one healthy person at a time. And that first healthy person is you.  As a doctor I recommend that you pick up this book and get started.  We’ll start together.  One baby step at a time.

FYI. If your personal trainer is not certified by the American College of Sports Medicine you might want to ask why.  It is the toughest of all the certifications and the trainers who have earned it have a high enough level of competency to ensure that he/she knows how to work with you both safely and effectively.


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